This German shepherd gave birth to a neon yellow puppy

Direction the United States and more precisely North Carolina to discover a puppy like no other, who was born with a rather incredible and unusual physical peculiarity.

They didn’t expect that! When their dog Gypsy gave birth, Shana and her partner Chris had immense surprise to discover that one of the puppies was… neon yellow.

No, you’re not dreaming ! This is not a trick and your screen works fine. This puppy is well and truly equipped with an extremely rare fluorescent yellow coat.

In reality, when he came into the world, the puppy sported a lime green coat and this is the reason why his owners baptized him “Hulk”. What’s more normal ?

But very quickly, the little animal began to turn yellow, turning fluorescent yellow!

According to an expert interviewed by local media , this astonishing coloring is due to meconium (the first stool of a greenish-brown newborn), which would have spread in vitro in the amniotic sac of the mother, thus staining the coat. of the baby.

This extremely rare phenomenon does not represent any danger for the puppy which should regain its natural color over time, as it grows.

With all this commotion, we would have almost forgotten the mother Gipsy, a female German shepherd . Rest assured, the whelping went very well since she gave birth to a litter of eight adorable little puppies, including one that should, without a doubt, attract everyone’s attention!

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