It frustrates her that everyone takes her as a flight attendant while she’s a pilot

Portrait of a young experienced pilot who suffers from the distrust of others because of her youth.

For various reasons, some have no choice but to do more than others so that they can prove their worth in the eyes of all.

This is what a certain Sabrina Johnson experiences on a daily basis.

This 22-year-old American is indeed an airline pilot but everyone takes her for an air hostess , because of her young age.

A situation that she denounces in a TikTok video that has gone viral.

Sabrina is not the first to come, however, since she already has “ 8 years of flight experience ”.

Having grown up in a family passionate about aviation, she took her first flight lessons at the age of 14 and then made her first solo flight two years later.

At 17, she became a private pilot and then graduated from high school before continuing to university to take flight instructor courses.

Three years later, when she had just celebrated her 20th birthday, Sabrina obtained her instructor’s diploma at the same time as a helicopter pilot’s license. In the process, she was hired as a pilot in an airline. Since then, she has been flying all year round and thus gaining piloting experience.

Despite her impressive CV, not a day goes by without airline passengers or airport employees mistaking her for a flight attendant.

That’s why Sabrina made this video testifying to this perpetual mistrust of people, who can’t believe that such a young woman is capable of piloting a plane .

Shared on TikTok last October, the video has been viewed by more than 2.5 million people.

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