The Policeman of Périgueux made a terrible discovery while intervening in the home of a dog owner

A week ago, the SPA of Périgueux rescued nine dogs who were living in a dwelling plunged into darkness and filled with excrement.

Two investigators from the Périgueux policeman experienced the horror on April 4th. Indeed, they rescued eight dogs and a puppy who lived in housing plunged into darkness and filled with excrement, report our colleagues from Sud Ouest.

As specified by the Humane Society on Facebook, the animals were locked up, and did not know the leash or the human. For her part, the president of the association told the regional daily that the quadrupeds had “what to eat and drink “.

Still according to the policeman, the volunteers called on the Nontron gendarmerie to remove the doggies from their owner: “ The investigators offered the owner a deal: either he agreed to let the dogs go, or the Périgueux policeman deposited a complaint against him for ill-treatment , ”explained the president.

Before adding: “ He was completely overwhelmed. A week earlier, four puppies had already been seized from his home in equally questionable conditions .

The hairballs were transported to the Périgueux SPA, where they were examined by a veterinarian. Result: the dogs were not vaccinated and sterilized. But that’s not all ! Some of them showed signs of infection.

“ Caregivers and veterinarians are doing everything they can to get them back to health and be ready to join their families for life as soon as possible ”.

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