A 5-year-old girl buys toys and clothes on Amazon for 4,000 euros

In the United States, a little girl took her mother’s smartphone and ordered 4,000 euros worth of toys and clothes from Amazon.

Lila is a 5-year-old girl who lives in the United States with her family. Used to playing with her mother’s phone, she borrowed it while she was in the family car. But instead of playing, Lila went to Amazon.

Lila didn’t just look at the products available, as she ordered toys and clothing: 10 mini-motorbikes, a child’s Jeep and 10 pairs of cowgirl boots. The amount of the order was 3,922 dollars, or approximately 4,000 euros.

“The motorcycles and the Jeep cost around $3,180. The boots alone were around $600 ,” said Jessica Nunes, Lila’s mom.

Toys ordered by the little girl
The latter realized her daughter’s stupidity after receiving an alert from Amazon in the middle of the night, telling her that part of her order was going to be shipped. She first believed in a hack, before realizing that all these toys had been ordered by Lila.

Luckily for the mother, she was able to return the entire order to Amazon and took her daughter ‘s mischief with a smile, especially since this is not Lila’s first attempt. The little girl had already ordered toys for Christmas behind her parents’ backs. Although they had a conversation with her about the value of money, Lila didn’t hesitate to start over.

“I told her that if she does the right thing and does chores around the house, maybe we can get her an age-appropriate motorbike ,” Jessica explained.

This story is reminiscent of a little boy who ordered $1,000 worth of food via his parents’ smartphone just over a month ago. The latter had shared the meal with their neighbors and had dipped into their child’s piggy bank to reimburse part of the order and teach him the value of money.

These two examples prove that it is important to monitor the activity of your children on smartphones.

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