Toilets installed in heavy goods vehicles to secure female drivers

In the Somme, a transport company has unveiled a prototype of heavy goods vehicles with a toilet cabin. A novelty created to improve the well-being of drivers, and especially women drivers, who are increasingly present in the profession.

Immo Ouest, a transport company whose head office is located in Crécy-en-Ponthieu (Somme) has developed a prototype toilet cubicle, in partnership with the Gorrias garage in Longueau.

This prototype, which took six months to complete, was installed in the truck driven by Olympe, 28, one of the company’s 12 female drivers. This is a toilet cubicle installed behind the driver’s seat, inspired by motorhome equipment, covered with a gray fabric box and which takes the place of a cupboard.

The idea of ​​such a prototype came during an open day according to Jean-Charles Sarr, the manager of Immo Ouest: “The idea came to me when, during an open house, a woman asked Olympe how she managed to go to the bathroom. A remark that ran through my head the following days and to which I wanted to be able to provide a concrete answer” .

Truck driver, an increasingly mixed profession
The Picard manager has made gender diversity his hobbyhorse and is recruiting more and more women drivers who are 12 of the 320 truck drivers at Immo Ouest. His wish is to change the image of the profession and to break the stereotypes about this profession which is said to be too masculine.

“Thus, in our company, we have decided to carry out a diversity operation based on a concrete approach: the organization of information mornings dedicated to women wishing to discover the profession of driver” he indicates to Actu .

A seduction operation which therefore takes on more meaning with the realization of this prototype because the presence of a toilet cabin in the trucks provides more safety and comfort for the drivers.

A much more practical and secure prototype
And it is not Olympe who is going to contradict him since the driver, employed at Immo Ouest for three and a half years, does not spoil her pleasure of being the first to test this prototype.

“I sleep about ten nights a month. It’s much better to have a toilet. On some rest areas, they are not very clean. Sometimes I’m stuck between a dozen trucks… It’s safer and when it’s cold, I don’t have to go outside anymore,” she confides to Le Parisien.

Won over by the prototype which facilitates her working conditions, Olympe does not hide her happiness at having the right to it, she who sometimes had to manage in very uncomfortable situations:
“The integration of toilets in the cabin of the truck is a significant plus. There are not always toilets on the road so we go outside as best we can, where we can. Now it will be much more practical and secure. (…) It is true that access to toilets is sometimes complicated: lack of infrastructure, paid toilets in certain areas of European motorways… These local toilets are therefore a highly appreciated comfort. And can also lift a brake for some women who did not dare to move towards our professions” she indicates to Actu.

This prototype being obviously a success for Olympe, Jean-Charles Sarr therefore hopes that the manufacturers of heavy goods vehicles integrate them in series in order to equip all trucks , whether they are driven by women or men: “At home, the well-being of our drivers comes first,” says the manager.


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