A tiny house on wheels: Moon Dragon’s Tiny House is exceptional and unique

The Tiny House is a concept from the United States. It’s not just a tiny house.

According to the builders of these homes, it’s a little house on wheels for big adventures.

Tiny means tiny and house means house.

It is a tiny house that welcomes people to live in a minimalist, but ecological atmosphere.

A company of such houses, Zyl Vardos, builds each maisonette according to the taste of the customers.

Its owner Abel Zyl has been in the business for over ten years and he is the founder of the tiny houses idea.

He is the host of a television program where he answers questions asked by people about small houses.

Abel’s tiny houses look delightful. They seem to come out of fairy tales.

All the houses of this builder have common features: they have round windows and roofs of a curved shape.

This specialist always uses perfect materials.

The tiny Dragon of the Moon house is one of the largest models in the master’s collection.

Its width reaches about 9.30 feet and its length 24 feet.

For the exterior of the house, Abel chose special shapes using cedar.

The kitchen and the bathroom, which are on the ground floor, are well equipped and the bedrooms are also well furnished.

The walls are covered with panels which are not painted. In the cupboards, you can store a lot of objects and clothes.

And in the end, it should be noted that this wonderful cute playhouse on wheels costs $110,000!

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