Super Dad Created His Own Triplets Handbook After Welcoming Their Triplet Daughters Into Their Family

Meet Alex Lewis, who was a father of 4 at the age of 34.

His wife, Charlotte, shared some amazing news and made him the happiest dad alive.

Last year, they finally became parents again after three years of trying.

In total, they spent 8,000 euros on IVF and hoped that one day their dream would come true.

Soon they were informed that the woman was expecting triplets at the same time.

However, doctors feared that not all of them would survive.

The couple had the option of removing both babies to keep the only one healthy.

But they refused the offer.

Fortunately, on April 6, these identical sisters were born.

They are the wonderful Annabella Rose, Florence Violet and Lottie Bluebell.

So, after spending three weeks in the hospital, they were allowed to go home.

However, their life after the triplets became much busier and more difficult.

So, the caring dad decided to entrust his guide with the care of his princess triplets.

He created an Instagram account to share their current happenings and life and quickly surpassed over 14,000 followers.

The couple also proved that being parents of 4 children does not mean that they are deprived of their personal life.

They always go out and maintain all the necessary and pleasant things, they even have fun.

As Alex says, since they are parents of 4 children, their life is a military operation.

He admits that every 4 hours they have to do their operation by feeding and changing the three.

But, he also claims that he does not change it with anything else.

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