This dad walks his 5 children … on a leash and triggers the anger of Internet users

The video of a father walking his children in a way that will be described as surprising, to put it mildly, has caused an uproar on the web.

All parents know it, walking with your children is not always easy, and even less when you are a large family.

So, in order not to lose sight of their dissipated toddlers, some have their little technique and thus avoid cold sweats, which we do not wish on anyone.

Whether it is, for example, a quasi-school supervision, with a parent behind and a parent in front, or an almost obsessive recount, all means are good to never let your guard down and be extra vigilant because an accident can happen so quickly.

Others, on the other hand, have slightly more radical methods that are far from unanimous.

He walks his quintuplets on a leash and causes a real uproar
This is particularly the case of a certain Jordan Driskell, a 31-year-old father who caused a real outcry on the internet in December 2021 by posting a video in which we see him walking his quintuplets on… a leash.

Yes, you read that right and this is no joke!

As expected, the video, which resurfaced recently, did not fail to react!

“ These are human beings, not dogs ”, thus launched a disgruntled Internet user.

Like this remark, Jordan had to face a salvo of criticism, so much so that the father of the family wanted to explain himself on this method, to say the least questionable.

“ Children are so curious, they want to run around and explore (…) For our peace of mind and our sanity, we use a leash. It also allows us to get out of our house and do fun things with the family without being stressed , ”he explained to the site.

Explaining also that he and his wife previously had a 6-seater stroller, Jordan said that it was too bulky for their movement and that they had therefore opted for this leash.

Everyone will have their own opinion.


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