He won the Euromillions then returned to work at … Lidl

A man has been in the news a lot lately in Wales, after returning to his job as a lorry driver when he had just won a million euros. Narrative.

Steve Schiltz is a Welsh lorry driver working for the Lidl company .

At first glance, this 56-year-old man is an employee like the others and yet he is… a millionaire.

Steve indeed won a million pounds sterling (approximately 1.19 million euros) at the Euromillions in November 2019 but he has since returned to work.

He wins the Euromillions then resumes his job as a truck driver at Lidl
While some would have thrown everything away after winning such a jackpot, Steve therefore made the choice to continue to live normally.

When he won this jackpot, he did take a vacation to the Maldives Islands with his wife but, with the exception of buying a new car, the 50-year-old did not go crazy and never considered changing his life overnight.

In any case, he would not have had the opportunity due to the context of the health crisis. Because when the Covid-19 pandemic started, Steve, like many of his colleagues, received a letter in which the British government asked essential workers to return to work.

“ A lot of people with truck licenses received the same letter, but few of them were lottery millionaires. It made me a ‘key worker’ and I didn’t think twice. I was happy to help and it was great to be back at work ,” he told the Mirror .

His wife has also chosen to pursue her professional activity as a trainer in the medico-social sector.

The couple did not stop playing the lottery, however, and if by chance they won again, they would donate the winnings to charities.


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