He digs a hole in the wall and discovers over 300 kilos of acorns collected by a bird

In the United States, a technician specializing in deworming was amazed when he discovered more than 300 kilograms of acorns stored in the wall of a house.

The day of December 15, 2022, reserved a big surprise for Nick Castro, a technician specializing in the fight against parasites. The reason? He discovered more than 300 kilograms of acorns piled up in the wall of a house in California ( United States ), reports The Washington Post.

As the American daily specifies, the owners of the premises had called on the contractor after noticing worms and maggots coming out of a wall.

On the day of the operation, Nick Castro was convinced to find the body of an animal. But not everything went as planned. Armed with his tools, the latter dug a hole in the wall and thousands of acorns emerged from the wall, as shown by these images posted on the company’s Facebook page.

” I was a little shocked and wondered when it would end, ” the 40-year-old told the news site.

Also according to him, the fruits of the oak tree were stored by a bird belonging to the woodpecker family. In total, he transferred the acorns into eight large garbage bags before repairing the chimney which allowed the bird to hide his harvest for several years.

Asked by the Washington Post, Paul Bannic, director of a wildlife conservation organization, explains that woodpeckers are known to amass thousands of acorns to survive the winter.

“ They have a compulsive behavior. They collect and stock as many acorns as they can ,” explains the author of two books on woodpeckers.

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