Meeting the challenges of parenting in today’s world is no easy task. It’s not only family members, but also strangers on the internet who give their opinions on parenting styles.

Meet 31-year-old Jordan Driskell, father to five-year-old quintuplets. Wrangling with five kids of the same age, especially at this curious, exploratory stage, is undeniably demanding.

To deal with this unique situation, Jordan acquired child-sized leashes. These leashes are a practical solution for keeping track of your spirited little ones when they’re out in public. The family previously used a six-seater stroller, but it proved bulky and uncomfortable for the children.

Leashes allow children to freely explore their surroundings while ensuring their father maintains visibility and control, prioritizing their safety.

When Driskell shared a video of their family outing to the aquarium, it garnered considerable attention, with praise and criticism.

The video, showing the children on leashes, quickly went viral, garnering more than 3 million views. Some have expressed concerns, likening children to be leashed like animals. Others suggested that managing a large family should be carefully considered.

Parenting and adolescent development expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa offered a different perspective. She emphasized that using a leash does not make a child feel like an animal. Additionally, she argued that if the alternative is to stay home, using a leash is a much better option.

Leashes can be invaluable in keeping younger or neurodiverse children safe in public spaces, according to Dr. Gilboa. However, she pointed out that for neurotypical children who haven’t learned to listen and communicate effectively by the age of eight or nine, an over-reliance on leashes could be counterproductive.

At this point, parents should have developed verbal communication with their children that goes beyond the need for tools like leashes.

Ultimately, parents should have the freedom to act as they see fit, without facing unnecessary judgment from society.

What are your views on children using leashes in public? Share your thoughts in the comments below and chat with your friends and family to hear their perspectives too!

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