Actress, model and activist, Lily D. Moore breaks down the prejudices on trisomy 21

From the height of her 19 years, Lily D.Moore dreams of becoming the first actress with Down syndrome to win an Oscar. Spotlight on a bright and talented young woman.

Lily D. Moore fell in love with the stage when she was 6 years old during her first drama class. At the time, the little girl with Down syndrome dreamed of becoming an actress.

And the least we can say is that his wish came true a few years later. The 19-year-old actress , model and disability rights advocate has since appeared in around 20 productions, including the ‘My First Times’ series (Netflix).

“It has always been one of my dreams”
The young woman also holds her first main role in the film “Color My World with Love”. This romantic comedy tells the love story between two people with Down syndrome .

“It’s always been a dream of mine ,” Lily D. Moore told People magazine of the role. “I finally had this chance” . Today, she aims to become the first actress with Down syndrome to win an Oscar.

The actress wants to sweep away prejudices
The one who is followed by 349,000 subscribers on Instagram is also very concerned about her education. In addition to her career, the latter plans to begin health studies at the University of Clemson (South Carolina) next fall: “I really want to help people and save lives” .

But that’s not all ! Lily D. Moore wants to change the general public’s view of disability “People with Down syndrome have hopes and dreams, just like ordinary people ,” she told the American magazine.

Before adding: “We want to find a job, go to university and fall in love, live independently and get married. We don’t need pity” .

As you will have understood, Lily D. Moore is determined to break taboos!

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