This Girl Achieves Rockstar Status With Her Powerful Vocal… ‘And I’m Telling You’ Sounds Better Than Ever

Courtney Hadwin is a contestant from The Voice Kids UK whose performance keeps getting better. For the finale, this young rocker performs the iconic track “And I’m Telling You” originally made famous by Jennifer Hudson. It’s a track that needs a big, fat voice and incredible range – which is precisely what Courtney delivered in style.

There is not a moment of this momentous final act that can be ignored. Courtney’s electrifying stage presence commands attention and holds it with a voice that exceeds her age and any estimate of skill. This performer has effortless power and range that is among the greatest. Each word is backed by emotions, dance moves and flowing expression.

Jennifer Hudson’s megahit is a song that seems to suit Courtney Hadwin perfectly. It’s as if his voice, personality and showmanship were made for this final of The Voice Kids UK. “And I’m Telling You” sounds better than ever while staying true to the soulful sound the original became popular for.

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