I had a hard time holding back my tears the whole way, I realized that my stepdaughter was taking me to a nursing home

Getting old is a scary thing. According to all laws, written and unwritten, older people deserve respect and care. They have experience, they are wise… but instead of being respected, they are often abandoned, useless and forgotten.

Children disappear from their lives, remembering to take whatever they can carry. Old parents suffer alone, get sick and don’t know who to ask for help.

The grandmother was sitting in the bedroom and knitting socks.

His daughter-in-law came in without knocking.
– Mom, get ready. We have to leave.
“You didn’t warn me, my daughter,” replied the grandmother sadly. She understood where the bride could take her, but hopefully she asked:
– And where?
“You’ll see, smiles the daughter-in-law, I think you’ll like it.

Grandma didn’t say anything, it was useless. She still remembered when her son was alive and her stepdaughter had to explain her actions. But when he fell ill, huge sums of money were needed for his treatment. The grandmother sold her apartment for the treatment of her son, but to no avail.

She was now living in her daughter-in-law’s and son’s apartment․

On the way, the grandmother was almost in tears. However, she manages to hold herself back. The daughter-in-law drove the car to a village where she bought her own house. She remembered her husband saying that having her own house in the village was her mother’s dream and she decided to make it happen. Grandma cried with happiness when she saw him.

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