Puppy convincingly pretends to be dead to evade the veterinarian

When she wants to go for a walk or play, a sweet dog named Lula frequently wakes up the rest of the family. She rises with the sun, like the majority of dogs.

Some days, though, are just intended to be spent in bed. Dog Lula is intelligent. She has excellent intuition and can spot problems right away. She has spent a significant amount of time living with her family and is prepared for anything.

The morning when Lula was still asleep, this hilarious video was recorded. The dog chose to act dead until her owner arrived and tried to rouse her up so that she could figure out what was going on. After massaging Lula’s stomach and asking whether she was going to wake up, Miki sat down next to her. Then the woman announced the shocking news: Lula is visiting the veterinarian today.

There is little doubt that Lula won’t leave her cozy bed to visit the vet. She will not take part in the plans for the future day now that she is aware of them. Her mother is really insistent, though. She jolts Lulu into standing by shaking her. She begins tugging on the blanket when that fails. As soon as Lula’s cloak is removed, a dead dog’s body is revealed.

She is prepared to act out until the hostess finally leaves her alone. The thought of food is the only thing that can get Lulu moving. And it succeeded! Simply see that cunning dog expression.

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