Everyone Thought This Dog Was Grieving His Owner’s Death, But It Turned Out To Be Something Even More Touching

From the moment a photo of this dog lying next to his master’s gravestone hit the internet, everyone thought he was mourning his master’s death and wanted to see him again.

But the reason was completely different.

In a twist, the poor dog turned out to be a homeless soul desperately trying to be a good mum to her newborn puppies. The graveyard hole was meant to be a makeshift lair to keep her 4 puppies warm and safe in the freezing cold.

Luckily, an animal rescuer named Vesna Mihajloski stepped in to get the mom dog out of her troubles. She rescued the scrawny, haggard puppies from their “burial home” and took them to the shelter.

The mom dog was grateful to finally have a roof over her head and a warm bed for her babies. With the necessary medical care and nutritious meals, the dog family quickly began to thrive at the shelter!

Thanks to Vesna, the mother dog is now relaxed and happy.

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