Pierre Richard, 88, will bequeath a 20-hectare vineyard to his sons, unlike his father who left him penniless

Pierre Richard, who celebrated his 88th birthday on August 16, 2022, will bequeath his 20-hectare wine estate to his sons. A nice revenge for the actor towards his father, the castellan Maurice Defays. And for good reason, he received no inheritance from him. The man has indeed preferred to squander everything.

Holding the leading role in “Monsieur X”, written and directed by Mathilda May, Pierre Richard played an “everyman”, retired and living alone. A man who is isolated between “the real and the illusion”. Contrary to his role, Pierre Richard is far from wanting to retire and is a surrounded man, very close to his children.

In addition to filming, for more than thirty years, he has led the life of a winegrower in the South of France. Associated with his sister, Véronique, who is his “head of operations”, he is also fortunate to be supported by his son, Christophe.

For the French comedy star, creating wine and performing on stage are similar. During an interview, he had indeed revealed that “creating a happy alchemy between the grape varieties as well as establishing a perfect complicity with the public, with the aim of bringing pleasure, joy”.

If Pierre Richard’s father bequeathed anything to him, it was his love for wine. Indeed, the man was initiated by the latter since his childhood, but received nothing else.


The life of a castellan is not new for Pierre Richard who comes from a bourgeois family on his paternal side. Unfortunately, the actor does not have a penny of his inheritance, since his father had squandered everything . Without thinking about his son’s future, he had, as Pierre Richard said, “other responsibilities to assume: hunting, horse racing, women and cars”.

Despite the fact that the squire’s son received nothing from his father, the latter managed to build a fortune on his own. Indeed, the successful actor has enriched himself thanks to his numerous filmings. Consequently, he was able to appropriate the Bishop’s estate of 20 hectares, with a castle and a vineyard.

Knowing he was busy with his acting job, running the estate proved difficult. But the father of the family quickly came up with the idea of ​​bringing the land to fruition by reviving the vines. He then called on Véronique and Christophe to help him run the small wine business.

“Today, the work is bearing fruit. The patiently tamed earth generously gives me its wealth. I feel completely adopted by the region and its inhabitants, among whom I count long-time friends.” confided the father of Christophe and Olivier during his interview.

When it is not Pierre Richard who receives, it is his eldest son, director of the premises, who welcomes visitors who come to taste the good wine of the Château de l’Aude. Unlike his father, the interpreter of François Pignon can be proud to be able to bequeath to his offspring a large fruitful estate and a cellar full of wines.


Not to mention the fact that his father thought more of his personal pleasures than of his children and that he then deserted the home. Contrary to his current life, it should be known that Pierre Richard had lived an inconvenient childhood.

His parents had then divorced and very young, he had therefore been switched between two separate worlds, that of a bohemian mother and that of a partying squire.

Of Italian origin on the side of his immigrant maternal grandfather, the man said that with his mother, they made “polenta every Sunday”. Unlike his father, his cash-strapped mother could only offer him joy, but she was more there for him.

Despite his experiences, Pierre Richard learned to love life and beautiful things. Moreover, today, at more than 80 years old, we can say that the husband, father and grandfather is a fulfilled man.

Remember, before marrying Ceyla Lacerda, the actor had his two sons from his union with actress Danielle Minazzoli. Like him, Olivier and Christophe have become professional musicians.

In addition to the fortune that awaits them, Pierre Richard has already bequeathed a fine legacy to his descendants, including his passion and his talents. A great pride for the husband of the former Brazilian model.

Indeed, among his six grandchildren, one of his granddaughters, Mae Defays, is a talented soul-jazz artist. While one of his grandsons, Arthur Defays is an actor and model.

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