Simon stops this girl’s audition. See what happens next…

Musical theater isn’t quite Simon Cowell’s idea of ​​good music. When Jodi Bird auditioned for season 8 of Britain’s Got Talent singing a song from a 60s musical, he said it pretty clearly. He was quick to interrupt his audition to ask for “a better song.” Something that would probably knock the hearts of most audition hopefuls out. Not Jodie! She was able to bounce back, sing another song, and get Simon to admit he was too quick to judge. Has Simon finally learned his lesson?

Jodi Bird, who was 16 at the time, loved acting. Something that Simon was admittedly too quick to take away. Choosing to sing “Don’t Rain On My Parade” from the 1964 musical “Funny Girl,” a song choice that ended up being more of a statement. We quickly learn that this girl has an amazing voice. The crowd is in good spirits but Simon is not thrilled. Stopping the audition, much to the disapproval of Amanda Holden and the audience, Simon told her “I can’t listen to this”. The other judges disagree and express their pleasure at the performance. David Walliams mentioned he thought “it’s a shame Simon cut it short”.

Amanda Holden pleaded to let her finish, a notion supported by the public. Jodi starts singing again until the end. His voice showing more as the song builds. The judges laugh at Simon for being in such a rush because she only shines more. The judges give her praise for both the song and the way she handled Simon’s hasty reaction.

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