“15 years side by side”: three rescued guys have been buddies for 15 years

Lions, tigers and bears in the wild do not intersect with each other. The chances of meeting, and even more so, getting along on the same territory with these animals are minimal. These three have been living together for a decade and a half, supporting and protecting each other.

The birthplace of the lion Leo is Africa, the Sher Khan tiger is a representative of the Indian fauna, the Baloo bear is a representative of black American bears. All three animals had a difficult childhood, but for many years they have been happy in a nature reserve in Georgia.

The animals were found in the poacher’s house, the whole trinity was kept by the man in the basement. The room was small, the conditions for the animals there were unsuitable, the poacher did not pay due attention to caring for the kids, so they helped each other survive.

The animals were found at a young age, but due to injuries, they could not be returned to nature. The reserve accepted this unusual trinity. Seeing that there is a special connection between the animals, the staff of the reserve decided not to separate them.

Life in the zoo, where they are cared for and loved, did not affect the relationship between animals. The tiger, lion and bear still spend all their time together. Animals consider each other brothers, they get along well and they always have fun together.

Although the cramped basement has been replaced by a spacious aviary, the trinity tries not to be separated for a long time and always be close to each other.

Friendship helped them find the strength to survive the terrible days in the basement, but they maintained this relationship in a period of joy.

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