Snakes that submerged in pool of water stopped the Moulin Rouge show at Paris City Hall

Following a request from the town hall of Paris, the Moulin Rouge finds itself forced to stop its show featuring snakes immersed in a pool.

Until now, the Moulin Rouge , a private establishment, was not concerned by the animal welfare charter, adopted by the city of Paris in July 2021. This charter then prohibited the use of wild animals in places belonging to it, which is not the case with the famous cabaret.

It was through a letter that the Paris City Hall asked the Moulin Rouge to respect this charter, asking it to no longer use wild animals in its shows.

A request to which the Moulin Rouge will therefore comply, as the cabaret announced: “Aware of societal changes in animal welfare, the Moulin Rouge will stop this number. The question of respect for animals has always been essential” .

For the moment, no end date has been given by the cabaret, evoking “reasonable notice” for “the artists and service providers involved” .

The Moulin Rouge complies with the animal welfare charter
At the Moulin Rouge, this famous number involves a dancer who dives into a transparent pool and manipulates large pythons, trying to keep their heads above water.

“The two species used in this part of the show, a molurus python and a reticulated python from Southeast Asia, are protected species” according to Christophe Najdovski and Frédéric Hocquard, respectively deputy mayors in charge of animal conditions and tourism, and authors of the letter addressed to the Moulin Rouge.

In addition, the Moulin Rouge had already undertaken, with two rapporteur deputies of the mission for the application of the law of November 30, 2021 against animal abuse, to no longer use wild animals in its shows. This law concerned discotheques and television sets, but not cabarets.

It is therefore a page that will turn for the Moulin Rouge, because this number with the snakes was world famous and occurred daily. Among the dancers who performed with the reptiles was notably Olga Khokhlova, a former adventurer from Koh-Lanta.

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