Senior Cat Bravely Overcomes Adversity and Makes an Internet Splash with Her Adorable Purr

Fifteen years old and suffering from various health problems, Ethel is recovering thanks to the association’s team and the veterinarians who take care of her. This cat returns the favor every day by giving them lots of love, but also by rewarding them with her melodious purr.

When she was cared for by an association based in Cottingham in the East of England, a senior cat called Ethel was in a worrying state of health. Today, she is doing much better and amazes everyone with her extreme kindness, reports Hull Live.

Discovered on May 1 by the Cottingham Cat Rescue team, Ethel, whose age is estimated at 15, had been admitted to the veterinary emergency room.

The organization had posted pictures of her on their Facebook page, hoping someone would recognize her, but no one has come forward so far.

By examining him, the veterinarians suspected coryza, or cat cold. They had to place her in quarantine, because the disease spreads easily between felines. The cat also suffered from eye problems and had to receive drops several times a day.

Gradually, his condition improved. His eyes are better too. At Cottingham Cat Rescue, we are all under the spell of this animal of rare tenderness. She also seduced the volunteers with the particular purr she emits, especially when she takes her meal.

The association continues to monitor her condition to see if she can be adopted. Otherwise, Ethel can stay at the shelter as long as necessary. She will always be welcome with her characteristic purr and gentle temperament.

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