15 Examples of Friendship That Prove That Animals Have Strong Friendships Too

Animals are similar to humans in many ways, including the ability to make friends. Moreover, the tailed ones are not limited only by their appearance and can find comrades for themselves anywhere. Cats and dogs easily get along not only with each other but also with mice, kids and even elephants. And the results of such relationships are touching photos of furry friends.

1. When you are together when naughty and nice

2. Everyone has that friend who loves to ruin photos

3. They say best friends look alike

4. How Tom and Jerry Should Have Ended

5. Furry friends

6. It’s warm under the lamp, but a hug is twice as warm.

7. Moo and Meow

8. A squirrel who was saved by people – he began to live in their house and made friends with a cat

9. Difference doesn’t matter

10. Meet Mickey and John – they are best friends!

11. “My aunt’s goat thinks she’s a dog. She does not get along with other goats and only spends time with dogs.”

12. A friend will always lend a shoulder

13. The union of a ferret and a German shepherd

14. The beautiful friendship of the African elephant Bubbles and the black labrador Bella

15. The best bath companion


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