In order to save a wolf that had just given birth from dying in a trap, a guy came to feed her for 7 days

This story is about a guy named Chris, who went to Alaska with his friends to try to make money from gold mining. Two weeks of work did not yield any results, in addition, many members of the expedition fell ill. Chris decided that while his friends were being treated, he would try to work on his own. That day, he went to the mine by a shorter route, which he had never taken before.

After walking for several kilometers, the guy saw a dog in the forest, or so it seemed to him from afar. Approaching, Chris realized that in front of him was a wolf who did not move, because he had fallen into a trap left by the hunters. To the guy’s attempts to get closer, the frightened animal responded with an angry growl and a show of his teeth. Chris couldn’t just leave the wolf in the forest, especially since he noticed she was feeding the babies, only there were no cubs around.

The guy has decided that if the wolf doesn’t accept his help, he should find her babies and bring them to their mother. Following the tracks of the animal, he went deep into the forest and was able to find a hole where the cubs were sitting. Chris put them in his backpack and carried them to their mother. Approaching the wolf, he heard how she howled, most likely, so she called the children, the smell of which she smelled even from a distance.

Hearing his mother, the cubs started moaning and trying to get out of the backpack. The guy put the children on the ground, they immediately threw them where their mother was waiting for them and began to drink milk. The guy’s act didn’t change the wolf’s attitude towards him, she still wouldn’t let the man come near. Chris threw the sausage at the animal, which he took with him on the road, and left.

The next day, Chris took the path again where he encountered the wolf, this time taking a piece of meat with him. For a week the guy fed the animal, the cubs happily met each of his appearances, but their mother, as before, growled and showed sharp teeth, keeping the person at a distance. Only a week later, the predator thawed out and left the man near her, so Chris was able to free her from the trap.

The wolf quickly gathered her young, the whole family went into the forest, leaving Chris on the way, who followed them with his eyes.

This trip for the guy and his friends ended in failure, they did not find any gold, so they quickly left Alaska.

Chris only returned to the North after 5 years, this time he came here as an employee of a fishing boat. The man had to go to one of the villages to hand over documents. The guy got on a snowmobile, but in the middle of the forest the equipment broke down and leaving him, he continued on foot. Chris had almost reached his destination when a pack of wolves appeared around him.
Chris realized that he couldn’t escape, so he had already started to say goodbye to life. Suddenly, he noticed that one of the wolves was watching him very carefully. The man realized that it was a wolf, which he saved five years ago. The predator looked intently at Chris, then began to walk away. The rest of the wolves followed her.

It turned out that the animal did not forget that the man did not leave him in trouble and returned the favor.

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