The 18-year-old girl reached the “Miss Italy” final. When she lifted the hem of her dress, people froze

Recently, the most unpredictable events in the world are becoming more and more amazing. We talk about beauty contests, where there are more and more courageous participants who have come to prove that beauty is a relative concept.

Chiara Bordi, 18, a participant in the “Miss Italy” contest, appeared at the centre of attention.

She made a name for herself in history by becoming the first contestant in a beauty pageant for people with disabilities. The girl has one leg.

At the age of 13, the girl lost part of her left leg and fell under a car while riding a bicycle. The recovery was very difficult for Chiara, especially psychologically.

Adapting to the new ՛՛ moi ՛՛, the girl entered the contest not so much to win, but to show that life is wonderful, no matter what.

It was unexpected for everyone, for Chiara, that she was able to reach the final. According to the jury’s decision, Chiara Bordi took third place.

– My little beauty pageant journey ended in third place. I am very happy, because it is an enormous experience, an indescribable pleasure, which I had after a few days of work…

The strangest thing in this story is that many criticized the girl.

Some thought the girl went this far because the jury just felt sorry for the girl because she had a disability.

“I have no legs, and you have no heart or brain,” Chiara replied to such comments.

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