An ingenious young couple bought an old house in the village and completely rebuilt it

For a young family, it is difficult to acquire a new home, especially nowadays. Real estate prices are increasing day by day, but earning money is getting harder and harder. Very often, young couples do not even manage to take advantage of mortgage loans. So the newlyweds have to look for other ways to buy a home.

These Polish newlyweds have decided to leave their hometown to go live in a village and buy a house there.

In the countryside, surely, real estate prices are lower and there are houses that are not so expensive.

So the family found an old cottage with 10 acres of land. It was a damaged house and needed a good reconstruction.

Particular attention had to be paid to the interior to make it more comfortable and modern. And therefore, everything had to be changed.

The couple immediately got to work. First, they consulted the specialists who did the difficult work.

Roof, floors, walls, wiring, everything was repaired and replaced.

And the other repair details were done by the couple themselves.

The reconstruction of the house took two years and finally they got a beautiful home without borrowing money, even saving for the repair.

The house has completely changed, it has become beautiful and clean with comfortable rooms and tastefully decorated.

And to solve the water problem, the couple had a well dug in the yard.

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