35,000,000 views! Her first performance almost ended in failure, but now millions of people are in love with this little girl!

Maybe some of you remember the video about a cute Arab girl who came to perform at a talent show. During the performance, the little girl got upset and started crying, but the members of the jury helped her finish the song and move on! They started singing with the girl. It was then that she felt incredible support from adults.

In this video, we can see a matured and emboldened little girl, who has grown considerably vocally. She is no longer afraid to go on stage and sing in front of everyone. The young singer continued to participate in the fight for victory in the project and fully deserved this right!

She has truly forgotten fears and worries and feels quite calm. Who knows, maybe soon this girl will become a real superstar, known all over the world? His voice and appearance can help achieve this goal. Already now she has become quite a popular singer, especially in Arab countries.

The video with her performance has already gained nearly 35 million views! This is the result in such a short time! Who knows, maybe if the girl hadn’t burst into tears during the blind selection, she wouldn’t have been noticed. But if fate turned to her in this way, then you need to use every chance to achieve success!

Be sure to watch the video with the performance of the young talent. We are sure that it will bring only the most positive emotions and feelings! Don’t forget to rate the video!

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