Autistic Boy Wows Crowd With Michael Jackson And The Judge’s Words Brought Him To Tears

Britain’s Got Talent is where ordinary people show off their awesome talents. And there are so many times when not only the talent wows us to tears, but also the life stories of the contestants.

This is the case of Calum Courtney, a 10-year-old boy who wowed both the crowd and the judges with his incredible performance on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent. In addition to being an adorable little boy with an angelic voice, he struggles with a mild case of autism.

But even if things are far from easy for him, Calum never gave up and he followed the passion he loves, music. This isn’t the first time Calum has stolen the hearts of the public. Known in the UK as ‘Asada Boy’, he was filmed singing Smokey Robinson’s classic tune ‘Who’s Lovin’ You’ in a store, much to the amazement of shoppers.

And now he decided it was time to present a stunning performance to the world. Full of confidence, the little boy took to the stage ready to impress everyone. Asked by one of the judges if he is nervous, he kindly replied “no”.

Even though his family was nervous, Calum believed in him. He believed in his talent, his passion and his luck, despite his illness.

Watch the video below to see Calum’s incredible Britain’s Got Talent audition. It will melt your heart!

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