Pitbull sings Whitney Houston’s song and wows the crowd

Since the song “I Will Always Love You” is so beloved, it’s risky for anyone to tackle it. But if they succeed, they manage to instantly establish themselves as a favorite.

An unexpected singer performs a beloved tune

During an episode of Belgium’s Got Talent, a contestant named Lady Xena took the stage. But she wasn’t the typical type of contestant the judges were used to seeing, because she’s a dog!

Joining her owner on stage, it was revealed Lady Xena would sing along to Houston’s rendition of ‘I Will Always Love You’. We’re sure the judges were a little skeptical at first!

It only took Lady Xena a few yells to convince everyone.

The judges were in awe at the end of Lady Xena’s audition, clearly amused by what they had just witnessed. You’re sure to be just as entertained when you watch her performance below!

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