The farmer finds a huge egg, but what was inside was even more confusing

A farmer in Australia was scared to death while collecting his daily delivery of chicken eggs. One of his chickens had laid a huge egg that was three times the size of a normal egg and weighed 6.2 ounces. The babushka egg was laid by a free-range chicken at Stockman’s Eggs in Atherton Tablelands, north Queensland. Scott Stockman, who runs the operation, posted a photo of the amazing discovery he and his staff made at the farm.

When you see it next to your average egg it looks so unusual, but perhaps most unusual was what they found after breaking the egg open. Inside the egg was another perfectly formed egg. “It’s just incredible to actually have two perfectly formed eggs together,” Scott said. An expert from Charles Sturt University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine said he had never seen anything like it. Associate Professor Raf Freire said the chicken probably produced a normal egg but for some reason failed to lay it.

“Then the next day, instead of that egg being laid like normal, which is what normally happens, another egg was released,” he told ABC News. “That fell down, and then the chicken somehow decided to make its shell around both the egg from the day before and the new egg that fell down.” Experts say the egg would have been safe to eat, but Scott told ABC News they receive 50,000 eggs a day, so “they didn’t bother eating it.”

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