This cute little boy with thick, voluminous hair was mistaken for a girl: he’s so adorable

Meet the parents of cute and lovable Bobby, Rachel and Gareth Carters from Lydiate, England. When they were expecting their baby boy, the last ultrasound predicted him as a baby girl. This was due to the thickness of the adorable baby’s hair. However, when little Bobby was born, nurses and doctors were surprised to see his volume and luscious hair.

His mother, Rachel, says Bobby is often compared to famous movie hero ‘Wolverine’ and comedian Ken Dodd. Also, most of the time, he is frequently mistaken for a girl due to his cool and voluminous hair. His mother washes cute Bobby’s hair and blows it with the barber to give the sweet boy a cool hairstyle. Here in the photos, he is only 16 months old, but he had such a cool look and gorgeous hair.

Apart from being mistaken for a girl, this super cute guy is also admired by all foreigners. As his mother mentions, every time they visit a place or even go to the supermarket, he receives dozens of comments. Even, some people ask Rachel to hold it or take a photo with the adorable and prominent kid.

He is always at the center of the passengers’ attention, and also the favorite character of his parents and relatives. Of course, he will be noticed by model agencies in the future. Hopefully a wonderful career and fame awaits this cute and handsome boy in the future.

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