This amusing gorilla gives a whole new meaning to “dancing in the shower” and will make you smile

Animals’ willingness to act foolishly and as they see fit is another reason why humans like them. Unfortunately, a large majority of individuals can only afford to do so in secret. It came out that animals enjoy dancing while bathing, at least this gorilla called Zola from the Dallas Zoo does.

The monkey initially peacefully splashes in a full pool in the footage, which was captured by zoo staffer Ashley Orr. But then all of a sudden he starts spinning, emotional arms flailing, and water splashing.

A few years ago, a male gorilla named Zola who was 14 years old and kept in a zoo in Calgary rose to fame online as a “break-dancing gorilla.”

He was captured on camera by zoo staff members playing in a water puddle while being accompanied by upbeat music.

The Internet is exploding with videos of a dancing gorilla in a swimming pool. Zola seemed to be ecstatic with the refreshing water amid the sweltering summer heat.

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