Mama donkey looks lovingly at her newborn foal for the first time

Nothing is more powerful and pure than a mother’s love for her child. Whether human or animal, the love and affection between a mother and her child is undying. Recently, a donkey named Clover, gave birth to an adorable foal, Winston. Clover and Winston lived at the Stone House Farm. Farm owner Michelle was now a mom to 12 amazing donkeys and several other farm animals.

So the loving and caring owner decided to capture the beautiful moments between the mother-baby duos and share them online with her followers. Luckily, the captured moment got a lot of attention. The mother donkey, Clover, and her gorgeous newborn foal, Winston, had melted the hearts of animal lovers everywhere. Like all other animal species, donkeys are extremely sensitive and affectionate towards their babies. It was the same for Clover.

She was always close to the baby donkey and took parenting very seriously. Winston looked like a furball and always wanted his mother’s attention and affection. Clover seemed very happy after giving birth to the baby donkey. However, many people may not know that donkeys are extremely sensitive to cleanliness. Before giving birth to their young, the owner must ensure that everything is clean and disinfected.

The birth of the baby donkey required a lot of attention, and Michelle took every precaution to keep the mother donkey and her baby safe. Farm owners like Michelle should be careful for at least 2-3 weeks when approaching the mother donkey or the baby.

Anyway, baby donkeys are not only sensitive but also very playful. Just like a puppy, they would fall in love with people instantly. It’s hard not to love these beautiful and innocent beings. Winston, couldn’t let go of his mother and entertained onlookers with his antics.

The baby donkey continually climbed on its mother’s back and fell to the ground. The affectionate mum played with her little one and decided to play with the baby donkey.

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