Meet the mandarins — the most beautiful ducks in the world with a shiny appearance

Male mandarin ducks are considered some of the most beautiful in the animal kingdom.
These birds have stunning multi-colored feathers on their heads. The habitat of mandarin ducks is a region of East Asia, where it is not uncommon to meet these beauties. However, it turned out that in the UK they feel quite comfortable.

These birds are native to East Asia where they can be found in abundance.
However, in Britain, they feel quite comfortable. Meet the mandarins — the most beautiful ducks in the world. In addition, the males have a bright appearance Populations of these incredible birds appeared there after ducks imported from China escaped and established a wild colony in the last century.

So, an incredibly beautiful mandarin has already become a celebrity among tourists and locals. He chose Burnaby and Deer lakes, located in the suburbs of Vancouver, and flew there to swim. Two years ago, this charming duck caused a sensation with its appearance. Crowds of tourists flocked to the lake to photograph a brilliant duck swimming peacefully among common mallards.

He was unmistakably recognizable by his purple, white, orange and blue feathers. After this acquaintance, Trevor-the-mandarin was not seen on the local lakes for a long time, but a few months ago, to everyone’s joy and delight, there reappeared. Agree that Trevor is a real handsome man and a miracle of nature.

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