Twin sisters from Australia have shared a partner for two years. What is this man like?

Twin sisters Lucy and Anna Desink are known in Australia as the world’s most identical twins. This year they turned 38 years old. They dress the same, put on the same make-up and do the same hair. It even got to the point where Anna and Lucy ate the same food and only went everywhere together. When one of the sisters decided to enlarge her breasts, the other also went to the plastic surgeon without hesitation. Then they both had their lips enlarged.

Their closeness has reached the point that they go to the bathroom at the same time, refuse to be more than a few feet apart, and even find a man for both of them. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. A man for both! They met through mutual friends on social networks. In the beginning we just sent each other messages and talked on the phone for six months.

At the same time, Anna and Lucy immediately declared that they were an “inseparable couple,” and Ben agreed with this. Fun fact: He also has a twin brother. However, they are different. The trio officially began dating, and a year later they moved in together. “Ben treats us exactly the same. If he kisses Anna, he kisses me immediately afterwards.

We never feel jealous because we know he loves us both. We share a bed. And this relationship works! This is our love. We like to share a man between us. We would like to get pregnant and have children from the same person at the same time. “By the way, Ben differentiates between us in bed,” says Anna. In Australia, where they live, it is not allowed to have two wives. However, they held an impromptu wedding ceremony. This marriage has no official validity, but they don’t care. Now the trio is thinking about having children. Since Lucy and Anna want to conceive and give birth at the same time, they will most likely have to use in vitro fertilization.

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