This stray dog has finally found a home and is now refusing food and water until the owner returns

Nadezhda Popova has always had a very strong love for our four-legged friends. She never remained indifferent to cats and dogs that needed help. And then one day, when she was refueling the car, she saw that a dog was wandering there, and one of her eyes was damaged. She felt incredibly sorry for the poor thing and she could not pass by.

Not everyone is able to act as noble as this woman who, without hesitation, took the animal home. At the vet, she tried to do everything to heal the injured eye at least a little, but, unfortunately, it was impossible.

She gave the foundling the nickname Delya, and for her mistress, she, despite her shortcomings, is an incredible beauty. Delya has a very meek and obedient disposition, and is also incredibly devoted.

Every day, when the hostess goes to work, she sits down on the windowsill and waits for her to return, and during all this time food and water remain untouched. Surely she is worried and thinks that she will be abandoned again.

Delya simply adores Nadezhda, who saved her from a cold and hungry existence, giving her a home, warmth and care, and this love is mutual. And we, for our part, will express our gratitude to this wonderful woman, whose huge heart and kindness should become an example for many people to follow.

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