Dog found alone under bridge with serious gunshot wound seeks new home

The dog named Big Ben suffered an unprecedented trauma and was therefore frightened by the rescuers who came to his aid. However, he was able to overcome his fears and trust them. Therefore, he could benefit from the operation, which relieved him of his excruciating pain. Today, he is doing well and is waiting for his forever masters.

A new sad case for the members of the association Stray Rescue of St. Louis, located in the State of Missouri in the United States.

They were indeed contacted by a maintenance worker who had discovered under a bridge in the city a large dog in very poor health who refused to be approached.

The unfortunate man was lying on a makeshift foam mattress and did not move.

“When we arrived, we saw how scared he was. He didn’t want us to get too close either. He pulled back his lip and growled,” Natalie Thompson of the rescue center told Newsweek.

The volunteers therefore tried to coax him with food that they placed inside a trap-cage. The objective was to capture him gently and without cruelty so that he could benefit from care as soon as possible.

The hungry pooch started to try the refined dishes kindly offered. The rescuers then teamed up to carry the crate in which Big Ben was in the Jeep, then drove him to the veterinary clinic.

The animal doctor took an X-ray of the canine’s swollen limb. This examination revealed that he had been hit by a bullet from a large caliber firearm. The foreign body had become lodged in his shoulder, causing irreversible damage. Big Ben was therefore immediately operated on. A heavy surgery of several hours aimed at amputating his right front leg.

“There’s no way of knowing who shot him or how he got to where he was, but we’re sure he had a master. There was indeed a spiked collar next to him, which leads us to believe that he was abandoned in this state,” Nathalie lamented.

After his amputation, Big Ben felt much better. His recovery went very well. Once rid of his pain, the young canine showed his gratitude to his rescuers. He went from a frightened and aggressive dog to a love ball in search of affection. “His endearing personality showed through. It is unfortunate that he lost a front leg due to his large size, but he is doing very well,” added Nathalie. The volunteers of the shelter are now looking for loving masters for the canine with a heavy past. They obviously want to make sure that he will not relive an abandonment and are therefore very vigilant as to the ability of people to adapt on the one hand to his handicap and on the other to his character.

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