Celebrities Accused Of Cheating On Their Pregnant Partners

Staying faithful in a relationship is hard, and celebrities certainly aren’t the best example of fidelity. However, some stars take the scumbag factor to a new level and have reportedly cheated on their partners while they were pregnant. Here are all the celebs who broke their sacred vows while their significant others were expecting.

1. Adam Levine

You would think that being with a Victoria’s Secret model pretty much puts you at the top of the pyramid, but when you’re a rock star, apparently, even that is enough. Barely a week after his wife Behati Prinsloo announced that she was pregnant with their third child, model Sumner Stroh spoke out on TikTok about having an affair with Levine — one that lasted a whole year! He released a weak statement where he talked about his “poor judgment” but still denied having an affair. Surprisingly, the two were a united front through it all.

2. Tristan Thompson

All of social media came for Tristan Thompson when his sneaky antics were revealed. Just a couple of days before giving birth to their daughter True, the athlete was caught getting freaky with other women — there was photographic and video proof, as well as clips from 2017, in the beginning of the pregnancy. This spiraled into five alleged side pieces, and although Khloe shocked us all when she took him back, he kept on cheating on her throughout the remainder of their relationship.

3. Justin Timberlake

In 2019, JT was caught looking very touchy-feely with “Palmer” co-star Alisha Wainwright while partying in New Orleans, where they were filming the sports drama. Despite sources saying nothing was happening between the two, Justin admitted to drinking a little too much and having a lapse in judgment. His wife was embarrassed, but the trust between these two was clearly strong as they stayed together. In 2020, their son came into the world. If the math is right, Jessica was in her first trimester during the scandal.

4. A$AP Rocky

Although these rumors were ultimately shut down and decided to be gossip, the chatter around this still stung Rocky and Rihanna. In early 2022, a fashion influencer named Louis Pisano boldly tweeted that RiRi dumped bae after she discovered him cheating with Amina Muaddi, a Fenty footwear designer. Amina quickly pointed out that this was a lie. The couple didn’t take the rumors seriously, but that accusation definitely wasn’t great for RiRi’s stress levels since she was heavily pregnant at the time.


5. Offset

Although some of these rumors are unfounded, this one is true. Although they eventually reconciled, when Cardi was pregnant with Kulture, some leaked text messages came out, showing Offset attempting to get IG model Summer Bunni to set up a threesome with rapper Cuban Doll. Later that year, there was another alleged cheating scandal. Since then, however, things have been smooth sailing, and they even had a second child, Wave.

Hart cheated on his second wife, Eniko Parrish, but Funnily enough, the two of them started seeing each other while he was still married to his first wife Torrei. When Eniko was pregnant with their son Kenzo, Kevin was caught having a Las Vegas fling with Montia Sabbag, a singer and actress. The affair was revealed after someone attempted to release a video of the scandal unless the comedian paid up. Although Kevin’s good friend was arrested for the crime, Eniko stood by her hubby, and they had their second child in 2020.

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