A cat travels more than 480 km locked in a package sent by its owner

The passion of cats for cardboard boxes is not a scoop. One owner should have double checked before taping and shipping their package! Her cat had settled in comfortably to take her nap. A misadventure that they are both far from forgetting.

Sanny, a cat with a strong taste for hiding in places like cardboard boxes, lives with her owner in Hagen, Germany. In April 2022, her master left an open package in the living room before shipping the auto part it contained to the other side of the country. Sanny, with little attention to detail, then made herself comfortable inside to take her afternoon nap.

Sanny’s owner later returned to complete her task. She sealed the package properly with tape and headed to the shipping center to return her car part to the manufacturer. During all this time, she did not notice that her beloved cat was still sleeping in the box. Sanny remained immersed in her deepest dreams.

48 hours later, the box arrived at its destination at the ATP Auto Parts car garage, located in the town of Pressath, 482 km from Sanny’s place of residence. Meanwhile, her owner was desperate to have lost her cat and was moving heaven and earth to find her.

The return of spare parts not being a priority for the mechanics, they left the package in a corner of the workshop before opening it the next day, 30 hours after receiving it.

The mechanics were extremely surprised to discover this ginger cat sticking its head out of the box. “Cat-in-a-box comebacks like this don’t happen every day,” one told The Dodo. Fortunately, Sanny was in great shape. A little thirsty and hungry, of course, but she quickly recovered from her misadventure thanks to the kindness of her hosts. Her owner, immediately informed, made the trip by car to retrieve her cat as quickly as possible. The return trip was more comfortable for Sanny than the outward journey without a doubt.

“I am very happy and grateful to ATP Auto Parts for taking such loving care of my cat and giving her a home for a few hours,” said Sanny’s owner.

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