She saves the life of a man without knowing that he is a prince and receives an incredible gift as a reward

The young nursing student rescued the young man and his friends after their helicopter crashed. She even stayed by his side during his stay in the hospital. In exchange, the prince made him a very nice gift.

A young prince, the son of an oil tycoon, was on board a helicopter with his friends when the plane crashed, in Barranquilla, Colombia . The helicopter lost control while taking the friends to a concert.

Fortunately for the passengers, no major damage was to be deplored. Even so, the friends were seriously injured as a result of the crash . The latter was filmed by passers-by present that day and videos quickly went around social networks.

Among those present was Francheska Lizardo. The nursing student provided first aid to friends, including the prince, before help arrived.

The young woman stayed with the prince until help arrived and even after. She visited him regularly in the hospital after his operation. All without knowing who the young man was. This is Prince Karim Nader Abu Naba’a. The latter had even taken care to film his transport by the emergency services in order to show behind the scenes.

He was eventually transported to a hospital in New York to undergo further surgery. Karim Nader Abu Naba’a did not forget Francheska’s gesture, however.

To thank the student for having saved her life, Prince Karim then offered her a gift of choice: a luxury car. As we can see in the video of the moment, shared on the prince’s Instagram account, the young woman is pleasantly surprised. The gesture of the young prince was welcomed by Internet users.

Karim filed a complaint against the transport company for lack of maintenance. With the compensation from the insurance, he decided to build schools and houses in the village where the crash took place.

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