The inhabitants of certain French cities no longer support tourists

Focus on certain tourist cities where the inhabitants no longer support the behavior of holidaymakers.

During this summer vacation period, some very popular cities see their population increase considerably with the massive arrival of vacationers.

If this influx represents a significant financial windfall for tourism, a sector greatly impacted by the health crisis linked to Covid-19, it is however not without consequences for the local populations who are beginning to become exasperated by the behavior of travelers.

When the behavior of some tourists exasperates local residents
Thus, as a TF1 report shows, the inhabitants of several French towns can no longer stand tourists, so much so that some local residents are even considering moving. This is particularly the case in Étretat (Seine-Maritime), this Norman seaside resort oh so popular during the summer period, known in particular for its famous limestone cliffs.

Beyond the postcard decor, the reality is much more gloomy because the tranquility of the locals is constantly disturbed by tourists, many of whom only come for a day. These massive arrivals and their cortege of incivility (throwing of rubbish, awkward parking, etc.) have the gift of irritating the residents who no longer support this situation.

Some of these have even chosen to leave the city!

” All the people of our kind, who live here year-round, sell their house and leave, because it’s no longer possible, ” laments a resident, who enjoys the beach, at the microphone of the first channel.

Not far from there, the same goes for an exasperated local resident who readily admits to having become “ allergic ” to tourists like “ many people from Étretat ”.

A feeling shared by some inhabitants of Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône) who have to deal with these passing populations.

A situation which contributes to blocking traffic, already complicated in the Marseille city and in particular around the Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde basilica, where the narrow streets are invaded by tourist buses to the chagrin of residents.

As you will have understood, tourism does not only make people happy and remains a source of tension.

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