Disappeared 6 years earlier, a dog resurfaces in the middle of a schoolyard 150 kilometers from his home

Milo’s owners no longer hoped to find this dog, which had disappeared in 2016, until this surprise call from a veterinary clinic that scanned his identification chip, 150 kilometers from their home. The animal had just been found in a college.

Never lose hope, even years after your pet’s disappearance. This is the advice to address to any owner who has lost his companion. The other, equally important, is to chip it if it has not been done. Milo’s masters had not missed it, and that’s what led them to find him 6 years later, reported WNEP on Thursday, May 26.

This week, John Becker, a teacher’s aide at Shikellamy Middle School in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, was getting ready to round up his students as recess was coming to an end. That’s when he felt something against his leg. It was a small dog, a white-coated Poodle mix, wagging its tail and trying to get his attention.

It was not the first time that a canine had managed to break into the schoolyard. John Becker thought it was a neighbor’s or stray animal. He found a local phone number on his collar and called him, but no one answered. He then asked the college nurse, Michele Culp, to take care of it.

She took him to the nearest animal clinic, where the quadruped was microchipped. This revealed that Milo was from the neighboring state of New York. The vet contacted her real owner, who was stunned upon hearing the news. The latter was, in fact, looking for him since 2016.

Milo’s mistress explains that, at the time, she had been hospitalized for her delivery. She had entrusted her dog to a relative, but he had escaped shortly afterwards, never to reappear.

The reunion will take place this weekend. John Becker is delighted, he who loves dogs and has one in his family. He says “not being able to imagine losing his dog. If that were to happen, I just hope that I can find him too. This pleases me “.

Alerted, the police opened an investigation to try to find out how Milo could have found himself in the heart of Pennsylvania while living in New York State. The local number mentioned on his necklace suggests that a Pennsylvanian family had taken him in after he ran away.

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