Leaving the hospital, nurses hear the mewing of a kitten under a manhole cover and decide to intervene

Alerted by cries of distress coming from a manhole, nurses rescued a stray kitten trapped there. The animal was not only saved; he also found a loving family.

Nurses rescued a kitten stuck under a manhole cover, News-Press Now reported on Tuesday, May 31.

This rescue took place at Capital Health Regional Medical Center, a hospital located in Trenton, New Jersey.

Heather Hendrickson, a trauma nurse, and her colleagues had just finished their night duty and were making way for the day shift. They were about to leave the hospital and were passing the ambulance park when they heard meowing. They were quickly able to determine its provenance; it was a kitten stuck in a manhole emitting them, crying out desperately for help.

Without wasting a moment, the nurses rolled up their sleeves to help the little feline in the red dress. Very quickly, they received help from paramedics, technicians and hospital security officers. 15 people thus mobilized to save the kitten.

First, the heavy manhole cover had to be removed and the animal lured in with cat food and pieces of turkey. Afterwards, Heather Hendrickson and her colleague came down there to comfort him and bring him to safety.

They swaddled him like a newborn, before bringing him to the surface. In total, the rescue mission lasted 2 hours.

That wasn’t the only good news for the kitten, as one of the nurses adopted him. Heather Hendrickson explains that the latter had recently been scammed by a breeder when she was looking for a cat.

The one saved at the hospital was adopted. She called it Trent, in reference to the city of Trenton.

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