A cat and her 7 babies were abandoned in a dumpster at a construction site in poor condition

A cat and her offspring were cowardly abandoned before being rescued in time by good Samaritans. After medical care delivered 24 hours a day in a foster family, they are ready to live great adventures.

The facts date back to July 2022. Residents of the Tyseley district in Birmingham, England discovered a magnificent cat and her 7 babies in a dumpster.

Babies only 3 weeks old mewed in despair, lost in this hostile environment. Their mother, meanwhile, wandered in search of food.

The Good Samaritans then contacted the local animal protection association Kato’s Rescue cat rescue so that its volunteers could come and help them.

“2 kittens were inside the container, the other 5 were crawling on the floor. We have affectionately named them Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs,” Tash Broadhurst of the Rescue Group told BirminghamLive.

The unfortunates were not only starving, but also in poor health. The veterinarian prescribed them a shock treatment aimed at getting them back on their feet quickly.

The members of their foster home took turns day and night to provide care.

Fortunately, the feline family quickly recovered and forgot about their misadventure. The kittens were able to begin their weaning in an environment conducive to their proper development. Snow White has also recovered, reinvigorated by the benevolence of her adoptive parents.

The 2-year-old girl was then sterilized and identified.

A month after their rescue, the 8 felines were ready to leave with caring adopters. They were therefore the subject of the definitive placement program.

Snow White and 5 of her little ones have found their new warm home. However, 2 others are still waiting at the refuge to meet their future masters.

No doubt their pretty face will melt loving people.

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