Woman finally finds her hungry dog that was stolen two years ago

A woman lost her dog named Lord two years ago. She tried everywhere to find her beloved dog, but to no avail. She didn’t give up hope of finding the dog. An animal shelter posted a photo of a stray dog on social media. Soon, she received a call from the shelter asking her to visit the dog.

The woman approached the dog and named the dog Tutarota. Tutarota was his nickname. The dog was standing in front of the door of the animal shelter. When the dog heard this nickname, she ran to the woman. The dog stood on its hind legs and began to smell the woman and look closely at her.

The dog remembered the woman. He hugged the woman and kissed her. The dog wagged its tail to indicate that it recognized the woman. Now the dog is healthy and happy to be reunited with his loyal family. The dog amuses every member of the family.

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