A mother leaves her daughter at the airport with your sign that she can’t read, and a man takes her in his arms

A month is a long time for a two and a half year old child to see his father. That’s almost a quarter of her life. So it’s understandable that Adalynn’s mother, Alison Durbin, wanted to organize a special gathering for her daughter and her husband, retired airman Ron Durbin.

As Ron’s long-awaited flight landed at Raarid City Regional Airport in South Dakota, Alison held up a sign for Adalynn: “I’m here to pick up my dad.” But I don’t know why I can’t read yet. Everyone in the airport knew exactly what was going on, except the young girl who was in for the surprise of her life.

Adalynn dropped the sign and rushed into Ron’s arms as he exited the catwalk to hug his wife and daughter. The touching and enchanting reunion between father and daughter has already been viewed more than 3 million times on Facebook. After just a few seconds it becomes clear why.

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