A soldier travels 400 miles to accompany his friend with Down syndrome

Sometimes in our lives we meet special people who stay in our hearts forever because of their genuineness and kindness. They often manage to make a difference in the lives of their friends and loved ones and are so humble that they never ask for anything in return. Like Emily Wheeler, 18, who has Down syndrome.

She was alone on her way to the prom when Andrew Duffy, a 32-year-old former soldier, traveled more than 640 miles to accompany her on the special occasion. These two have a wonderful friendship. After 640 miles by air and two hours of travel, Andrew showed up at Emily’s house with a bouquet of roses and asked her to accompany him to the prom.

Soon after, they went to prom and Emily was voted prom queen. Andrew, who now volunteers to help others facing the same issues as him, said: “Emily has had a huge impact on my recovery, I think she has such a pure soul.

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