This Guy Found A Secret Door In His New Apartment. What He Found Is Hauntingly Awesome

When I bought my apartment, I wasn’t expecting to knock on the wall and open a secret passage to a whole new apartment and man cave!

Well, that’s not really what happened with this guy, but it sure is creepy as hell what he found…

The kitchen/living room has high ceilings, like the used to do the buildings decades ago. This is a very old building.

He set up the man essentials ready to go.

Because of the high ceilings, the bed was in a very unique spot.

A loft stretched out over the kitchen.

A staircase to hell?

At first glance it looked like it went under the whole building.

Finally, a brave companion was found to explore this horror. Time to go on. The hatch led to a 19th century layout of hatches and corridors beneath.

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