62-year-old Billy Ray Cyrus marries 34-year-old bride Firerose – fans upset by one little detail

Billy Ray Cyrus recently celebrated his marriage to Firerose in an intimate ceremony. This union follows his divorce from Tish Cyrus in 2022, marking the third time they filed for divorce after 28 years of marriage. After the divorce, Billy Ray Cyrus started dating Firerose, an Australian recording artist, and the two announced their engagement in November 2022.

Interestingly, Billy Ray and Firerose had crossed paths years ago when Firerose auditioned for a role in “Hannah Montana” 13 years before. This chance encounter left a lasting impression on Billy Ray, who recalled the moment he first saw her and sensed her star potential. Although she didn’t land the role, Billy Ray introduced her to some producers, which eventually led to a friendship that later blossomed into a romantic relationship.

Billy Ray and Firerose’s love story developed after her divorce in early 2022. They officially became a couple and Firerose moved in with him in August 2022. Soon after, he proposed and they decided to formalize their love through marriage.

Their marriage coincided with the August 2023 remarriage of Tish Cyrus, Billy Ray’s ex-wife, to “Prison Break” star Dominic Purcell. Tish’s two children from a previous relationship, Brandi and Trace, were in attendance at her wedding. Billy Ray had adopted Brandi and Trace while he was married to Tish. Billy Ray and Tish also have three kids together: Miley Cyrus, Braison and Noah.

Notably, Noah and Braison were absent from their mother’s wedding. They were seen together on the wedding day, posting on Instagram about their Walmart outing. The choice of their wedding day outing raised eyebrows.

As Billy Ray and Firerose shared photos from their wedding day on social media, some fans focused on one detail: Billy Ray Cyrus’ hair. Some fans expressed surprise and questioned why he didn’t do his hair differently for the occasion, with comments such as “He could have at least brushed his hair for the occasion” and “He couldn’t comb your hair??” This sparked a discussion about her choice of hairstyle for the wedding.

Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose’s wedding marked a milestone in their relationship, and while the focus may have been on her hair for some, it’s a celebration of the love and happiness they both clearly cherish.

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