A seven-year-old girl gave her a paper to her father, after which the father began to cry.. just look at what she wrote

The seven-year-old girl gave her father a piece of folded paper with the words “Unfold, daddy” written on it.

Small details can bring happiness, give meaning, and provoke smiles in our everyday lives. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple wish, a bit of ingenuity, a pen, and some paper.

At the age of only seven, having good handwriting can be challenging. Nonetheless, the father will try to decipher the scribbled sketches. Luckily, there are just two words: “open” and “father.” A free interpretation of the inscription: “Continue!” There’s also a heart drawn above.

“Continue!” Keep going, go further. You’re almost there. No, the handwriting still needs improvement.

“I love you!” “I love you!”


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