She cancels her wedding because her friends don’t want to pay 1400 euros to attend.

A woman was forced to cancel her wedding at the last minute. The reason? Her guests didn’t want to pay the requested 1400 euros.

A dream turning into a disaster. The wedding of this woman, named Susan, was supposed to take place soon. However, her guests were not willing to pay the 1400 euros she requested to attend the event. While the bride had envisioned everything, her dreams crumbled because she didn’t receive enough cash gifts from her friends and family.

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Cancelled Wedding

Indeed, the couple had saved over 15,000 euros for their dream wedding. They needed a total of about 55,000 euros to make their fantasy a reality. However, this was too much for most of their close ones. Susan expressed her anger on her Facebook account, referring to her guests as “snakes.”

“We had sacrificed so much and had only asked each guest for about 1,500 dollars (approximately 1,400 euros). We spoke to a few people who even promised more to make our dream come true. My maid of honor promised 5,000 dollars and her planning services. We tearfully accepted and thanked her,” she wrote. “My ex’s family offered to contribute 3,000 dollars. We made it clear that if you couldn’t contribute, you weren’t invited to our exclusive wedding. This is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration,” she continued.

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